Three steps to planning a successful move

Planning is crucial when you move to a new property, whether it is just a short distance from your current address or much further afield. You would assume that local moves would be the easiest, but without careful planning, even the shortest move has the potential to throw up many obstacles.

If you are moving a short distance, one thing to keep in mind is that multiple trips will dramatically increase costs in terms of both time and money. There are three essential factors to consider if you want to minimise the number of trips you have to make to complete your move.

The first is ensuring you have enough packing materials so all of your possessions can be packed and transported safely. Moving loose items takes far more time and increases the potential of them becoming damaged during the move. By planning ahead, you can make sure you have the right amount of boxes in the necessary sizes.

The second thing to plan is the size of the vehicle you will need. It is always best to be conservative with your estimate of how many items you need to move and the amount of space they will take up in the removal vehicle. Having space left over is always better than not having enough and needing to make more trips.

The third vital thing to determine is how many people you will need to move all of your items. You may incur delays if you have to call for backup. You should consider the heaviest, bulky items that will need multiple people to move to get an idea of your needs.

At TFM Removals we specialise in house removals to and from properties in Chelmsford and beyond, and can offer a flexible service to help you make the move to your new home with ease. We will dispatch an estimator to your address to assist with planning, including determining what size of vehicle you will need and how many people it will take to move everything. We can also store your items for you in between moves where necessary using our storage service. Our personal level of service sets us apart from other companies and means we can provide a more effective and efficient removal, taking the stress out of planning your move.