Storage Ideas for the Home

Anyone who has ever stood on an upturned plug or tripped over one of their kids’ toys will be aware of the importance of keeping their home clean and tidy. However, an organised home also has benefits for one’s health, with studies showing that clutter can contribute to stress and sleep difficulties. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few handy storage ideas for the home which are sure to help keep your house in order.


Hang your baskets – You can create more floor space in your bathroom by hanging your baskets up high. You could even consider creating a wall of baskets, maximising efficiency while leaving as much floor space free as possible.

Attach toiletries to the wall with suction pads – Sick of endless shampoo and conditioner bottles cluttering your shower? With a combination of hair ties and suction cups, you can keep your toiletries neat and tidy on the wall of the shower, while also making them easier to access.

Install towel racks on the back of the bathroom door – Towels can quickly get damp and smelly if left on the floor; a few neat towel racks on the back of the door will allow them to dry quicker, as well as keeping them off the floor.

Purchase slim bathroom cabinets – If space is limited in your bathroom, think about the size of cabinets you buy. Thinner ones may suit the shape of the room better, as well as giving you extra floor space. You might even consider a standalone rolling shelving unit.

Organise your medicine cabinet – The inside of your medicine cabinet can quickly become a mess of forgotten pill boxes, old make-up and toothbrushes. With a handful of adhesive organisers, you can easily separate your various bits and bobs, making everything tidy and easier to find.

Living room

Find furniture which doubles as storage – Plenty of sofas come with surfaces for placing decorative lamps or flowers on, allowing you to improve the look of your living room while keeping the place neat and tidy. They may also have storage space underneath – the perfect place to keep things like remote controls and coasters.

Hide unsightly wires with corner tables – If you’re technologically-inclined, chances are your living room is filled with wires connecting your various gadgets to power sockets. Corner furniture offers a simple hiding place for wires and extension leads.

Make the most of your flat surfaces – If floor space is limited, consider placing any small items on flat surfaces you have in the room – the mantelpiece can be used to free up space, while providing an attractive centrepiece for your living room.

Make good use of vertical spaces – A tall shelving unit or floor-to-ceiling bookcase can offer a simple solution to your storage problems, taking up minimal floor space and providing plenty of opportunity for tidying away your books and magazines.

Hide your mess with storage baskets – Some homes simply attract mess, and this is particularly the case if you have children. There are endless attractive storage baskets on the market (or you could even create your own) – the ideal solution for tidying away toys and books.

Storage Boxes


Utilise storage tubes – When it comes to the garage, appearance is less important than functionality, so you can afford to be a little more creative with your space-saving. Cardboard concrete-forming tubes provide a cheap method of storing your various garden implements such as hoes and strimmers, making them easy to find while keeping the garage tidy.

Keep your sports equipment in one place – If you’re into sport, chances are there are plenty of balls and other equipment rolling around your garage, presenting a safety hazard as well as making the place look untidy. A well-placed bucket or net keeps them organised but easily-accessible.

Install a wall-mounted recycling bin rack – Recycling bins can take up a lot of garage floor space that could be better-utilised – mounting a rack which can attach your bins to the wall is a simple way of creating more space while keeping all your recycling bins in one handy place.

Separate your screws – Finding the right screw from the bottom of your toolbox can be a nightmare, so why not separate them into a series of old jam jars? Label the jars with the correct screw sizes to keep them organised and easy to find.

Hanging storage is ideal for large toys – Toddlers love nothing more than zipping around in toy cars and tractors, but these vehicles can take up a lot of space. If you store them in the garage, you may consider putting large hooks on the walls – although toy cars are bulky, they don’t tend to be too heavy so you should have no problem attaching them to the wall with the hooks.

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