Putting your property first

Operating throughout Essex, our specialist premium storage service has always come through for our customers when they need it most. We are very proud to offer a flexible solution for all kinds of requirements. When you use our company the containers are brought to your door and are loaded by our team, freeing you from the whole task.

With our premium storage comes our special protective packing materials, designed for maximum safety for the most fragile of items.

We have special protection available for furniture, including our cloth professional transit blankets these are washable and used on every removal, they are ideal for all kinds of removals, it is not uncommon for well over a hundred of these to be used in a container!

For the perfect finish, our stretch film can be used too. It can even be employed to offer extra protection to the items that have been wrapped.

We aim to provide clean, secure and dry storage solutions to our customers. This is why we buy our containers new and ensure they are maintained to a high standard.

Each container is locked and sealed under the client’s supervision once it is filled. The contents will be fully insured until they are delivered at your new address, where our staff will unload them for you, placing everything where you direct. 

At TFM Removals we offer premium storage services across Essex, giving our clients peace of mind that their property is safe and protected. All containers are kept safely on our site until you want to have the items delivered. This means you never need to worry about coming to collect them or have to deal with unloading. 

If you would like a quote for a service please feel free to contact us. We offer accurate quotes thanks to our highly experienced team of estimators, focusing on offering great value based on the items you need to store.