Protecting Your Items From Storm Damage

Once again, we have the problem of flooding affecting many parts of the UK. Despite some concerted efforts to reinforce flood defences, the recent heavy rainfall is proving to be more than they can handle. We have all seen the images on the news of people’s belonging being damaged or swept away as the water levels rose, and we all want to do everything we can to protect our possessions from possible damage. While we can’t do anything practical to protect your home from the risk of flooding, we can offer protection for your goods and furniture with our professional storage services.

If you’re in one of the parts of our region known to be susceptible to flooding, you’ll know that when storms are coming it is advisable to move your possessions higher up in your home. This is good advice, but it is not always possible to follow. Many of us have furniture and appliances that are simply too big and heavy to take upstairs, or there’s simply no space to put them. If this is true for your situation and the storm and flood warnings apply to you, our services can help.

We often find that many people have items of furniture that they wish to keep but don’t use on a frequent basis, such as inherited antiques. We know that you want to make sure they are protected for both sentimental and financial reasons. When severe storm weather is coming, we can collect your items from you and take them to our storage facility, ensuring they are safe for as long as is required. Our protective packaging for storage is product specific, and our storage units are designed to stay dry and provide the maximum in protection from flooding, fires and all other potential risks.

Hopefully, our flood defence systems will soon be improved to the point where they can handle any storm, but until that happens, we’ll be on hand to help our clients protect their items with our services for premium storage in Maldon and beyond. We wouldn’t be as dramatic as to say you should use us to store everything in your house at the first sight of rain, but we would encourage you to talk to us about the big, heavy and in most cases irreplaceable furniture you have at home. Our complete service will ensure they remain dry and safe from possible storm damage.