Do I need safe content insurance when I am moving?

Whilst safes come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, it’s ultimately the case that they all have the same purpose – to literally keep what you put in them protected from harm and theft. This might seem like we are stating the obvious, but it’s imperative that your safe does this at all times, otherwise it’s simply not fit for purpose. The importance of this is never more apparent than when you need to move one.

In our position as one of the most trusted businesses for safe removals in Essex, we’re aware of all the factors which could have a bearing on relocating safes, whether within a premises or to a new property altogether. When it’s a case of moving one whilst continuing to use it then there’s a matter which always must be looked at – the insurance implications.

The majority of people who own and use safes, whether it’s at work or home, have the contents insured. Although we can’t speak for all cases, it would be normal for the insurance policy in place to cover items when they are locked in the safe. This prompts an interesting question about what’s best to do when we are moving the safe itself for you.

Our answer to this is the somewhat obvious but very true one – speak to your insurance company. We can understand why, with our exceptional reputation for safe removals in Essex, it would make sense to ask us for our opinion. At the end of the day, however, we’re here to give you the perfect means to flawlessly move the safe. It’s not really our place to comment on or discuss what you keep in it.

All of our work is fully insured. This, however, does not necessarily mean that our insurance would override or support the cover you have in place for the contents of your safe. In the interests of always giving you a transparent and honest service, we’d always encourage you to discuss the move with your provider first to make absolutely certain you are covered.

If you need a safe moved in Essex or the surrounding area, get in touch with us today for a no-obligation quote.