Do I need to empty my safe before you move it?

The purpose of a safe is, if you will forgive us for stating the obvious, to keep items of value securely locked up in one place. It’s the latter part of that first sentence we’d like to look at in more detail here, as for many it still comes as a surprise that a safe both can be and often is moved to a different locations.

For many people the term safe removals, whether in Essex or in any of the other areas we serve, sounds like something of an oxymoron. How safe can a module be after all if it can be removed? Much of the answer to that very fair question is in how easy it is to actually remove safes from a property. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the answer is not very easy at all.

In many situations the major security feature of any safe is the weight. Usually safes are deliberately made in a way which sees them weigh as much as is practically possible in order to stop them literally being picked up. This certainly makes the task of legitimately moving them tougher, but understandably so. No matter what the weight is – and this is a number which can reach many tonnes – we always bring in the right equipment to get the job done.

Other than asking about whether or not the weight of a safe is a problem for us to move, there’s always one other question that comes up. That’s the important one of whether or not we need to have the safe either open or empty when we move it. The short and simple answer to this is no. It might be the case that you would prefer to empty it before we move, depending on what exactly you have in it, but we certainly don’t make doing that a requirement.

We can understand why some are a little reticent in asking this, as you might feel like you’re been unintentionally offensive or implying a lack of trust in us. To be honest about it, a major part of why we are trusted is that we don’t ask what’s in a safe and we certainly do not expect you to inform us. Our job is to make sure that the safes are moved professionally and remain in the original condition – the contents of it are absolutely none of our business and would not affect the way we work.

Hopefully this article has answered some of the questions you have about whether or not a safe can be removed. As the number one name for safe removals in Essex we’re only too happy to answer these and indeed any other queries you may come to us with.