Keep your valuables alongside you with worldwide shipping

Moving to an entirely new country can be an exciting prospect. However, many people may feel as if they cannot transport their goods with them, or have to leave them behind. Indeed, it can be quite expensive to bring your valuables with you, and finding a reputable shipping company can be difficult. It is normal to worry about having your valuables damaged in transit, so you want a shipping company that will offer you a reputable service and treat your belongings like their own. We can offer exactly that, providing you with a service that you can trust should you choose to move. We’re well known for our removals and storage in Basildon, but we can also offer help with removals across the whole of Europe.

When it comes to removals, we don’t cut any corners or use any middle men. Our own staff will always be there to provide an estimate, wrap and pack your possessions. The paperwork itself will be prepared by one of our members of staff who specialises in overseas removals, and we will always warn you of any potential pitfalls. Our staff will provide an accurate estimate to reduce the risk of additional charges as well. For those who want furniture or cartons shipping, we can have them in a groupage container with other customer’s consignments. We’ll store them for free until the next groupage container leaves, which is when we’ll pack and wrap the goods, which will be fully insured, ready to be delivered to you. If you’re moving the entire contents of your home, we can arrange for an exclusive shipping container which our staff can load at your home, seal, load and deliver to you. We will even provide you with a full numbered inventory and deal with customs and immigration as well.

Our close-knit team will ensure that the shipping of your possessions is done as safely as possible. Over two decades of experience guides us to provide the best possible services, and we take great pride in the level of care that we offer to your property and your possessions. They will be carefully packed and wrapped to completely minimise the potential of any damage, and our worldwide network of agents ensures that your goods will be delivered safely, on time and directly to your door.

Our highly skilled and experienced team will provide you with help you can rely on. We have received a huge array of testimonials from customers pleased with the services that we offer, and we are always improving on the phenomenal service that we provide. If you’re choosing to relocate to sunnier shores, then you can place your full trust in our shipping and removals service.