How Temporary Storage Can Help With Selling Your House

From baking bread to sticking a pot of coffee on to brew, we all know the classic tips and tricks for making your house attractive when it’s up for sale.

What you might not be aware of is the potentially catastrophic effect of your clutter. Even if you’ve tidied up, a house full of stuff is still going to feel small, cramped, and claustrophobic to any potential buyers.

Today, we’re looking at the best way to present your home for a quick sale – as well as how temporary storage can make a stressful time a whole lot easier.

Presenting: Your Home

A quick tidy up and a whip around with the duster isn’t going to do the job, unfortunately. Here are some top tips for presenting your home to viewers:

  • Arrange for space – Think about how your furniture is set out and consider whether moving it around might free up a bit more space. If you have furniture you can do without, it’s even better to take it out entirely to help rooms look and feel more spacious.

  • Let there be light – Those old, heavy curtains you love? Get rid! Dark spaces look small and uninviting. You want your house to be as full of light as possible – especially for your photographs.

  • Neutral tones – Buyers want to see a space they can picture themselves living in. If you have the time to redecorate, it’s a good idea to fill your house with neutral tones that act as a blank canvas for the viewer’s imagination.

  • Flower power – Your home doesn’t have to be completely devoid of personality though. Little touches like fresh flowers can make a room look brighter and more welcoming.

How Temporary Storage Can Help

Temporary storage solutions – like self-storage or small volume and box storage – can make selling your house easier by giving you that highly valuable extra space.


A house filled with furniture can be off putting to buyers for several reasons. Firstly, the more belongings you have in your house, the smaller it’s going to feel.

Secondly, furniture, decorative items, and soft furnishings can be extremely personal. The more your personality is imprinted on your house, the harder other people will find it to picture themselves living there. Especially if your design tastes are on the quirkier side!

Temporary storage is a great solution if you want to free up space in your home without throwing anything away. Clearing out anything from large furniture items to little knick knacks will help you achieve the bright, airy, spacious look that is most attractive to buyers.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of having some of your furniture already in storage and ready to go when you sell up and move on to your next home.


Once your house is cleared, you’ll also find you have a lot more space for redecorating.

Instead of moving furniture from room to room as you paint, you can clear everything into temporary storage and simply replace it when you’ve finished.

You can even make the most of your storage unit by using it to stash all of your decorating kit between jobs and making sure it’s not on show for your next viewing.

Free up outdoor space

Your garden may be beautiful but it’s hard to appreciate it when it’s full of bikes, gardening equipment, or toys!

Don’t forget that outdoor spaces need decluttering too. Clear everything you can into temporary storage so that buyers can truly appreciate the outdoor space your home has to offer.

The same goes for sheds and garages as well. These are extremely useful areas to buyers, but they won’t be able to fully value them if they’re crammed with tools and other bits and bobs.

Pop the lot into storage to really show off those sought-after spaces.

Hopefully that’s given you a few ideas for successfully selling your home. If you want to find out more about temporary storage and how it works, contact TFM today. We offer both self-storage and small volume storage options, as well as a premium storage service that lets us do all the hard work for you.

Get a quote now and see how we can help you ready your home for a speedy sale.