Moving furnishings is one of the biggest challenges of relocating to a new property, whether it is only a short trip away or a much longer distance. The size and weight can cause an array of problems, making it tricky to remove them from the building, load a vehicle, and unload at the new address.

At TFM Removals we have a lot of experience with relocating furnishings. It is a cornerstone of our service and something we are confident we can handle with care, precision and efficiency. We have successfully moved every type of furniture you can imagine, from large upholstered sofas to tall bookcases and period desks to name but a few. In every case we will find the best way to remove the items from the property, load them and ferry everything to your new address.

When we take on a removal we bring ramps with us to help with loading. This makes it easier to load items and helps to reduce the risk of injury to the removal technicians. The ramps also mean furniture can be carried straight in to the van, lorry or container. This means it doesn’t need to be put down, reducing the risk of damage from being on a rough surface.

If we encounter large furnishings that will be incredibly difficult to remove from the property in their current state we will ask about dismantling. This can help to make the removal much easier but it needs to be done with care, ensuring that the piece can be reassembled later without damaging the product. We will dismantle items very carefully, retain all components and make sure everything is kept together so the pieces can be found easily.

Clients across Chelmsford can rely on us to help them move all of their furnishings to a new property as well as every other item that needs to travel. We deliver a quality, cost effective service and have built a strong reputation as a result. If you would like our help with removals please contact us.