It should never be overstated how important it is to ensure that your possessions are packed properly for your big move. This is the case whether you are moving a short distance or to a brand new country. You want every item to arrive in fantastic condition so it can be placed in your new home. To achieve this, the packing must be spot on.

At TFM Removals we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to packing. We have served Chelmsford for over 25 years and gathered a huge amount of knowledge in that time. This coupled with our professional skills allows us to deliver the best services we can to our clients. We can pack all of your possessions safely and transport them with care to your new home.

Different items need to be packed in specific ways to ensure they are properly protected. Glassware for example should be carefully wrapped and placed in boxes with void filler to cushion it. Mirrors need to be handled with particular care, ensuring the glass is protected as well as the frame. It is a good idea to tape an x on the glass and then use bubble wrap to create a protective coating.

Furnishings and appliances can be the trickiest to pack. The fact that they cannot be placed in boxes means wrapping and blankets need to be relied on to protect them. It is important to ensure each item it wrapped carefully and blankets are placed so they cover as much of the item as possible. Special care needs to be taken with the corners of furniture.

Our packing service is extensive and clients can rely on us to ensure every single item is packed carefully. We can also provide all of the packing materials you need, including the price in the total for your removal service. We stock strong, sturdy, high quality boxes as well as various types of wrapping materials, void filler, and blankets too.

If you’re looking for a removals specialist in Chelmsford who can take care of the packing, loading, delivery, and unloading of your possessions we are the one for you. We are confident you’ll be pleased with our service and the condition of your possessions when they arrive at their new home.