Clear pricing is one of the things that have helped TFM Removals become the leading provider of Chelmsford storage. We take care to get our prices right because we don’t believe in hidden costs or inaccurate quotes. Clients really appreciate this and know they can come to us to store items for the long or short term whenever they need to.

In order to deliver the clearest prices we invite each client to meet with one of our estimators in advance. This means we can determine exactly what kind of service is required, down to the amount of days that are needed. Every single cost is factored in, from the packing materials to the loading and daily storage fees. We even include insurance as standard so there is no extra to pay to protect your interests.

Instead of providing rough estimates we deliver very accurate quotes. It may take a little more time to provide but the end result is worth the wait we assure you. In addition clients have the opportunity to ask the estimator any questions they may have during the meeting. This gives the whole service a more personal feel and showcases our expertise.

Our storage services are useful for any requirements, whether it is storing a whole household or office or dealing with a single large item. We are immensely flexible and can apply our considerable knowledge and skills to provide the right service every time. Whatever special arrangements you need to make we can provide, whether it is arranging specific times for our arrival or delivery.

The personalised services we offer have helped us to build a great relationship with each and every client. You can see this in the huge array of positive testimonials we have been provided. Some clients come to us time and again when they relocate or need temporary storage because they know we will deliver the same high quality service and effective prices every time.

We hope that we will be the very first company you consider contacting when you need services. Whether you are moving to or from Chelmsford storage can be organised with great ease thanks to our team.