Avoiding container rain when you store items

We are a family run establishment that specialises in storage solutions, delivering flexible services to suit the needs of our clients across Essex. By making use of highly secure containers that are fireproof, vermin free and clean, we can ensure that all items are stored correctly.

With containers, one thing that often comes to people’s minds is moisture damage. Items stored are at risk of being damaged if moist air can find its way to them. This can occur in several ways, including the phenomenon known as container rain. The type of packaging material that is utilised, such as certain kinds of cartons, pallets and cardboard, can also contain lots of moisture.

When you choose to store your things in one of our containers, we will look at the material that the objects are made of and the packaging available. We will then advise you on the most appropriate choices to make and take care of the packing for you.

As professionals, we also know that good ventilation is necessary in order to stop the moisture from turning into container rain. One common mistake people make is that they cover the ventilation that’s present in the container to help prevent moisture damage. Believe us when we say that this isn’t the case, because the humid air can’t be released when it becomes warmer inside.

When you employ the use of our containers though, we assure you that there will be sufficient ventilation within to protect your belongings. We firmly accept that all of our containers have been made as safe for your items as possible and that we take every precaution to ensure their well-being.

At TFM Removals, both fragile and durable possessions are handled with the upmost care when we offer our storage services to clients across Essex and beyond. Our professional team loads everything safely inside and while the container is at the depot, it shall not be accessed in any way. If there is anything we can assist you with, feel free to contact us.