How far in advance should you hire a removals company?

Deciding when to start looking for quotes and settle on which removals company to hire can be tough. Naturally, the earlier you can do it the better, because it means you can get everything prepared and shift your focus elsewhere.

Booking Removal Companies Last-Minute

Booking removals can be difficult, some choose not to book anything until they’ve exchanged contracts, and therefore have a completion date set in stone, but in recent years the gap between exchange and completion is often not very large (sometimes only days!). At TFM we are used to this as 99% of our many customers go through it. We have steps in place to keep in regular contact with you so you won’t be let down and we can get you booked in.

When you’re planning on moving, it’s nice to know when busy times of the year are, if possible it’s always good to avoid these times. Generally speaking, any school holidays are busier times for moving. This is when there is minimal disruption in terms of needing to take children out of school and arrange transport for them. If you don’t have children it is perhaps worth trying to avoid any school holidays.

The Best Time of Year to Move Home

When preparing to contact removals companies you should think about the time of year and the impact it is likely to have on-demand. In the busiest periods, you should look for quotes a little earlier. The later you leave it the more likely local BAR removal companies you are interested in working with will be busy.

At TFM Removals we work really hard to ensure we are available when our clients need us. We have a talented team and take a careful approach to organising services that means we are never double-booked or rushing to finish a job.

If you would like the very best level of service from the most highly regarded team for removals in Chelmsford and Essex, get in touch with us!