Safes can be invaluable for protecting valuables from theft and wear. The downside is they tend to be heavy, especially when you choose larger models. When you install one in a property it is essential that you do so with the weight and the impact this will have on the structure in mind. Positioning them in the wrong place can result in damage to the fabric of the building or even put the integrity of the whole structure at risk. You should also account for how you will remove them if you move out of the property.

At TFM Removals we handle a wide range of specialist removals including many different kinds of bulky items. As part of this we can arrange a safe removal service to suit almost any needs, even catering for tall properties in busy city centres. We can arrange for a dedicated specialist to plan the best way to complete the job and see the item removed quickly and safely without damaging the property.

One interesting project we were involved in recently took us to the busy centre of London. The owners of a property in a bustling area had noticed growing cracks in the ceiling and on further inspection found that a 2.5 tonne safe had been abandoned on the roof, seemingly by the previous owners. The safe was sitting on a 0.5 tonne steel shelf and the weight was slowly causing the roof to buckle, risking sending it crashing through to the floors below. We were asked to arrange for its removal.

The brief for the job was a relatively simple one; remove the safe without causing damage to the property or any of the nearing ones. The difficulty came from the fact the safe was 120 ft above ground level. This made the logistics challenging and meant that special equipment was required because of the height and the weight. There was also a high volume of traffic in the area, making the job even more challenging.

Safe removal expert Michael found a solution to the problem. The removal was done at 8am on a Sunday morning, a time when traffic is typically lighter than during the working week. This hour was also chosen with residents in the nearby flats and houses in mind, ensuring that residents were not disturbed. The removal progressed with absolute care and precision to ensure the property and neighbouring buildings weren’t damaged.

Once the safe and sheet of steel were safely on the ground they could be loaded onto a vehicle and taken away. The project was completed safely and swiftly before occupants were hurt or there was any further damage caused to the building.

This stands out as one of the most unusual safe removals Michael has worked on because of the fact that it was abandoned on the roof and required careful planning to account for the traffic. We were glad it was a success; we were just sad that it didn’t contain anything valuable.

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