When considering safe removals most people would think that the largest safes will naturally be the hardest to safely remove from a property. Whilst in most cases this is correct it can actually be slightly more challenging when dealing with safes that have been installed in walls or floors. Before they can be removed it is vital that a risk assessment is completed to ensure the removal is safe to commence.

With most safes the main question is; how can the item be removed from the property in the fastest, safest way possible? When you consider those that have been embedded in the structure itself the first question is, how can the safe be freed from its current location. Additionally care is needed to ensure that the removal doesn’t damage the fabric of the building or result in instability or other hazards.

This initial removal needs to be planned very carefully and the right equipment must be called on to achieve it. One thing to keep in mind is that it is difficult to determine the weight of the safe until it is removed. Our staff have years of experience working with safes, and can usually estimate this pretty accurately, It is always better however to err on the side of caution and ensure that strong, durable lifting equipment is used rather than putting people at risk.

Once the safe is successfully removed from the wall or floor it is time to get it safely from the property. In the best case the same lifting equipment can be used; this would speed up the process substantially and help to reduce costs.

A final thing to consider when taking on safe removals is what kind of vehicle is needed to physically transport the item away. Safes tend to be heavy and bulky, even the smallest ones. It is important the removal vehicle can support this weight safely. The last thing you want is to try to move a large, heavy safe in a small family car; this could present huge risks.

If you are planning a safe removal in Essex and want to work with a professional company who can get the job done we are the company for you. TFM has a great deal of experience and we work hard to satisfy each and every client. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs; we are confident you’ll be impressed with our knowledge and ability to deliver a bespoke service for you.