We understand that if you own artworks, it is likely that they are very important to you, no matter whether they are financially valuable works or keepsakes with sentimental value. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new address and find that the art has been damaged in the process of the move. To tackle the problem, the items should always be packed effectively using the most suitable packing materials, secured in place when loaded, and transported with the utmost care.

At TFM Removals we are committed to providing the highest level of service to each and every one of our clients. We are highly experienced at transporting a wide range of goods, from furnishings to electronics and specialist items. We also regularly deal with various types of artwork including large framed pieces, canvases and sculptures of various size and shapes. In all cases, we will plan the move carefully to ensure we protect the pieces as effectively as possible.

Framed artwork and canvases need to be wrapped before they can be moved. It is a good idea to start with paper wrapping as an initial layer of protection. This should be unprinted so there is no risk of ink being transferred to the piece. Corner protectors are useful for protecting frames. If additional protection is needed, foam padding can be used to line the front and back. The wrapping can then be finished with bubble wrap.

Sculptures can be more challenging to move because of their non-standard shapes. Smaller pieces can be wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed in boxes, with foam padding or packing peanuts used to pack the crevices and keep the piece safe and cushioned. If you have a large sculpture which cannot be boxed, we will ensure it is carefully wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap and secured in place in the removal vehicle. Again, we may use foam padding in crevices before we wrap the piece.

When you choose our removal services, you can rely on us to offer a professional service and take every possible step to defend your delicate products from potential damage or loss. From packing your artworks to providing insurance, we can handle as much or as little of the move as you wish. Please contact us now to learn more about our removals to Ireland and the rest of the UK.