Modern homes are filled with more technology than ever before. This can create a number of challenges when people come to moving because everything needs to be removed safely and packed properly. Luckily our team at TFM have the experience and skills to help. We are proud to be one of the most highly regarded providers of removals Chelmsford has and work hard to retain these standards.

What many movers want is to be able to quickly get their tech set up when they arrive at their new home. To accomplish this everything needs to be packed together, including all cabling and components. We ensure this happens and take steps to make sure nothing is misplaced.

One thing to remember is how easy it is to damage cables if they are not packed properly. Simply throwing a tangle of them in a box is a recipe for disaster. It could easily result in wear and damages that may make them unsafe and unusable. Instead each cable should be carefully gathered and packed. It may take a little longer but you’ll see less wear and risk of breakages as a result.

Protecting screens and delicate electronics is as important as handling cables properly when you move. Wrapping each screen in plastic or bubble wrap is a good way to preserve them. It will create a protective layer against moisture and dirt. Smaller devices should be safely placed in boxes and can also be wrapped in paper or plastic if necessary. If you place more than one device in a box make sure the heavier one is on the bottom.

One question that many people have about moving electronics is whether they should use the original packaging. This was designed specifically for the devices so it is a good bet as long as you can pack everything safely. Remember to keep in mind that the materials may be much weaker now though; reinforcing with duck tape can help to add strength.

At TFM we are happy to provide professional services as well as a wide array of tips and advice. If you would like help from the leading provider of removals Chelmsford please contact us.