One of the reasons we are the best company for safe removals Essex based clients can call on is we understand how important it is to manage risk. As a result we can complete projects safely every time, regardless of the specific challenges present.

The best way to manage risk is to plan for it from the outset. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offers a useful toolkit to help with this. It looks at what preventative measures can be taken in order of priority. We can use this information to ensure that services are completed as safely as possible.

The first measure to take is elimination. By redesigning a job it may be possible to reduce the risk and maximise safety. In regards to a safe removal the redesign could be the route the unit will take out of the property or even what equipment will be used.

The second measure is substitution. In many cases a simple substitution could make a really big difference and dramatically reduce the risk of injury. In terms of safe removals this could involve using a crane and hoist to remove the safe rather than trying to carry it by hand.

Engineering controls are the next measure. There are plenty of control measures that can be used to improve safety in different settings, including keeping the hazard separate from inhabitants of the site.

The next measure is administrative controls. These include things like restricting access to the site and conducting risk assessments before work commences. The aim is to identify risks early and implement measures that will maximise safety.

The final measure is to ensure that everybody wears the right personal protective clothing and equipment. These items should be selected to help reduce the risk of injury on site.

At TFM we can accomplish safe removals Essex based clients think are impossible. We have great resources to call on and extensive knowledge to apply. On each job we work hard to maximise safety, accounting for our team, inhabitants of the site, and members of the general public too.

If you would like to arrange the removal of a safe from a property please contact us; we will arrange it for you.