If you’re moving between Ireland and the UK, you’ll need the services of a skilled removals company who can get all your items overseas safely and on time. Moving to a brand new location far from your current home is one of the most stressful things you can do, so at a time like this you want to do everything you can to minimise the hassle and ensure the process goes smoothly. When you’re working with us, you can rest assured that your international move will be a great experience.

There are certain qualities to look for when you are searching for a company that can handle international removals. Firstly, you want to know that they are members of the British Association of Removers, so you can be certain they’ll live up to their stringent standards and will have the appropriate insurance. Fewer than 600 removals companies in the UK hold this qualification, so you can be sure you’re working with the best.

It’s also a great idea to choose a company with many years of experience. This means they will have carried out many similar removals in the past and will know exactly how to handle your move, pack your items and transport them to your new home as swiftly as possible. They will also be fully prepared to handle your move and take steps to ensure that there is enough space, enough staff and sufficient packing materials to take care of all your important items.

At TFM Removals, we have all of these qualities, alongside a friendly and attentive approach to customer service. Don’t start off your brand new life feeling stressed or worrying about your items going missing – get in touch with us for more information about our removals to and from Ireland, and you can feel certain your international move will go ahead without a hitch.