We’re renowned for our professional premium storage services, during which we will bring a container straight to your property, load it up with your possessions and then take it away to our storage facility until you want everything back. Our storage containers can be used to store most household furnishings and other items for as long as you need, making it one of the most flexible and versatile options when storage space is lacking.

However, despite the flexibility of our service, there are a few objects which cannot be placed into storage, usually for safety reasons. It is usually fairly obvious to determine whether or not your items will be accepted. Here are our tips for what can and cannot be accepted for our premium storage service so that we can avoid confusion and inconvenience.


– All general household furnishings, like sofas, chairs, tables, beds and wardrobes.
– Appliances such as fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers – it’s best to make sure they are clean, dry and defrosted before storing them.
– Decorative objects such as paintings, mirrors, framed prints, lamps, rugs and lightshades.
– Clothing and fabrics.
– Paper documents, office equipment and filing cabinets.
– Computers, laptops, and electronic devices.
– Tools, small machinery and other equipment.
– Toys and games.


– Potentially hazardous materials which could be damaging if opened or spilled. This includes items containing asbestos, paints, corrosive chemicals and containers of gas or petrol. If you have any items or appliances containing potentially hazardous materials such as fuel, it is best to empty them before placing them in storage.
– Drugs, stolen property and other illegal items.
– Perishable items such as food.

If you would like clarification on items which are acceptable to store, or if you would like any more information about the many services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are dedicated to providing the most versatile storage service in the Chelmsford area and will always be happy to advise you.

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