There are many times in our lives when we may find ourselves in need of extra storage: if we’re in between homes, if we’re downsizing to a smaller property, or even if we’re having friends or family staying with us temporarily and need to create some extra space. It’s not always possible or desirable to simply sell or throw away the items we no longer have room for, especially if the situation is only temporary. In these cases, our premium storage services can offer you the practical solution you have been looking for.

We are dedicated to safe, secure and professional removals and storage in Chelmsford and beyond, offering supportive help to make your life easier when you’ve got too many items and not enough space. When you choose to work with us, you will have complete confidence knowing that all your possessions are as safe as they can possibly be. No matter what your situation may be, we completely understand the importance of taking good care of your possessions.

Our large storage containers are all new, clean and meticulously maintained, providing a completely sealed area for your items to be placed in. Fire, water, vermin and other damaging elements are kept firmly at bay by the strong, durable steel surface. We’ll drive one of these containers to your chosen location, load everything up, lock and seal it, then take it away to be stored at our site. When you want your items back, all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll bring the container back to you swiftly. If needed, we’ll even pack all the items for you, using the most suitable materials and our years of loading experience to ensure the space is used in the optimal way.

If you’re interested in storing your items, whether temporarily or on a long-term basis, contact us to learn how we can offer the perfect balance of professionalism and value for money. Our estimates cover all containers, packing materials, collection, storage, insurance and re-delivery, so you will never be faced with hidden charges.