A common mistake many people make when they are moving to a new home is they compromise on the quality of the boxes they use to pack up their possessions. This opens the door for damage and disappointment, especially if they are reusing packing materials that were not intended for use in removals. Instead of using any old products from your local supermarket you should be utilising boxes that are strong, sturdy, and suitable for the purpose.

A very important thing to keep in mind is that boxes are not universal. They are made from different grades of cardboard and therefore differ in terms of how stable and durable they are. Thinner single walled ones will have more give and can get misshapen much easier. Reinforced cardboard on the other hand is much stronger and will hold its shape well.

Ideally you should use the strongest possible boxes, we would never recommend using anything less than a double walled box, and ensure they are packed correctly. Loading heavy objects into large boxes can cause the bottoms to collapse, damaging all of the contents. Under-filling boxes leaves spaces and means the box can be misshaped when it is stacked. This could result in a collapse and a lot of damage.

The simple way to get round these common pit falls; use the packing materials we provide with every removal.

At TFM Removals we ensure we utilise the highest quality packing materials at all times, not just the boxes we use but also the wrapping, void filler, and bags too. We do this so that our clients can have complete faith in the wellbeing of their possessions. Our service is also highly convenient, saving you from organising and collecting them yourself; we will bring everything we need to use on the moving day.

When you choose our packing service you can be confident that every single box is packed properly, carried with care, and loaded correctly. Our team will never over or under-fill. If space is left over but the weight is an issue we will use void filler to keep everything safe and stable. Heavy items are always carefully spread out, ensuring boxes aren’t too heavy to carry or likely to collapse.

We have built a wonderful reputation over the years, becoming the number one for removals Chelmsford has. The high standards we set and our unique, personal yet highly professional service really make us stand out. Please contact us if you are planning a move and want a great service from start to finish.