Although the modern UK economy is less based on secondary manufacturing and more focused on tertiary services there are still a number of factories and manufacturers based here. There are several reasons for this including the infrastructure, the talented workforce, and the quality that can be attained.

One thing you will no doubt notice is that factories have largely relocated to areas where the land price is more affordable rather than city centre locations. This helps them to cut their operating costs and puts producers in a good position to compete. It also frees up land in locations where demand for housing is higher.

Relocating a factory is anything but a small project. It can prove to be a huge challenge, especially when the client has a wide array of heavy, bulky, expensive machinery to relocate. Each of these items needs to be moved and transported with the utmost care, whether it is travelling a small or long distance.

At TFM Removals we have a very careful approach to machinery removals. We look at the project in individual stages, addressing each item and determining what it will take to move and relocate it safely. We do this because there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for every piece of machinery. If you try to do this you run the risk of damaging the products or putting people at risk.

In order to plan the removal properly we visit sites personally to get an idea of the machinery and the layout. This is very important because it gives us a lot more information to play with. Ultimately it will speed up the project because we can account for access problems and obstacles in advance.

If you are relocating a factory or need to move a piece of equipment within it and want a reliable professional service you can call on us. We have a great track record with machinery removals, delivering the right services for clients all across Essex. Please feel free to contact us to go over our approach and talk about our experience.