Top 15 Reasons to Use Storage Facilities

Whether it’s down to moving house or finally getting those renovations done, there comes a time in most of our lives where we wish we didn’t have quite so much stuff lying around. Luckily the increasing popularity and availability of both short and long-term storage means that decluttering needn’t be quite so dramatic as throwing away all of your things anymore.

Here are the top 15 reasons we’ve discovered for people using our storage services.

Moving to another home

Did you know that around 11% of the entire UK population moves home each year? That’s a lot of belongings moving around the country! Moving home can be a complex business – especially if you’re downsizing or moving somewhere far away from your current abode. Whether you’ve got less space in your new home or you just need to store things for a while until you’re settled, this is a great time to make the most of storage facilities.

Need more space at current home

In a housing white paper published last year, the government revealed a proposal to relax the rules on the ‘nationally described space standard’ – i.e. the minimum size at which developers are allowed to build new homes. With Britain’s houses getting smaller and smaller, it’s no surprise that using storage to free up space at home is becoming more popular than ever.

Job change to a different city or country entirely

Securing a new job in a new city or country is a popular reason for using storage as many people choose to rent first to get a better idea of their new area before deciding where they’d like to purchase. Keeping goods in storage during this time gives you the freedom to move around and get a taste of the city before settling in and shipping over all your things.

Working away for a few months.

This especially applies to people who frequently work abroad for long but temporary periods. Storage can be handy in this situation either if you want to clear out your home and rent it while you’re away to make a little extra cash, or simply to protect your furniture and belongings from the mould or damp that can often come with an unused home.


The Easter holidays are upon us and it’s the time when most us get the taste for a little spring cleaning and renovation. In fact, the average UK homeowner spent a whopping £23,000 on renovations last year. DIY season is a popular one for storage as it gives you or your builders a clean and clutter-free home to work in.

Making space for a family member or new child

Whether you’re welcoming a new child into the world or an old one back from university, many of us use storage to make space for a family member in the home. Short-term storage can be especially useful for university students who attend uni far from home and don’t want to keep moving their things back and forth every summer.

House clearances following the death of a loved one

Losing a loved one is hard enough as it is, without all the logistical issues that come afterwards. If you need to clear a home after a bereavement but don’t feel up to going through all of your loved one’s belongings right away, moving everything into storage will give you the time you need.

Safe space for tools

Over the last year tool theft in the UK has increased 30%, with the losses crippling many trade businesses across the country. If you don’t have a warehouse yet don’t want your home or van to be the target of theft, storage is a safe and secure space to keep tools when not in use.

Protect spring and summertime furniture and garden decorations

We’ve all been there, the sun reappears and we dig out the garden furniture only to find it’s sprouted its very own microclimate behind the shed. Storage units are secure, dry, and ventilated against damp – a much better option for keeping seasonal furniture in tip top condition when it’s not in use.

Business use as a place to put excess business materials that do not fit in the office

Small businesses who don’t want to move to bigger offices often use storage facilities to keep hold of equipment they don’t want to sell but don’t use frequently enough to justify taking up the extra office space. Whether that’s seasonal promotional material or large printer, it’s a far more cost-effective solution than upsizing to a more expensive office.

Sporting equipment and hobby items

Keen skier? Snowboarder? Archer? Kayaker? Whatever your hobby, you don’t need piles of bulky sporting equipment taking up space at home all year round. Putting it all in storage will keep it all out of the way until you decide to hit the slopes/rapids/bullseye again next time.

Travelling and having a gap year

Much like working abroad for long periods of time, heading off on travelling trips is another popular reason to make the most of storage facilities. Most people who decide to explore the world or take a gap year need to travel light and often feel uncomfortable leaving valuable possessions in an empty home for long periods of time – using storage keeps everything safe until they return.

Marriage or moving in together

Combining all the belongings of two people into one new home can be difficult. To save starting your new life together by arguing over who has to throw away what, many new couples choose to stick everything in storage until they figure out what they need.


On the other end of the scale, divorced couples often find themselves downsizing after a marriage split. Whether you need more space in a new, smaller home or you need to move out but haven’t yet worked out what belongs to who, putting belongings in storage can save you extra stress during an already difficult time.


Last but not least, retirement is another popular time to use storage facilities as people often downsize or simply wish to rearrange their homes now that they’ll be spending more time there. Older couples often want to keep hold of important family heirlooms or items with sentimental value so storage can be a great option for making sure these things are safe while keeping your home clutter-free.


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