If you love taking on board information that’s both interesting and useful we’d say you are very far from being alone. We all seem to have a fondness for expanding our learning. Quite often this is as much for our own curiosity as it is our own benefit. It’s wonderful when something we read can give us what we want and need in terms of both of those factors.

With this in mind, we’d like to look at some of the facts and figures about the removals services we provide across Chelmsford and beyond. We hope that you find it as fascinating, interesting and informative as we do.

How many people move home in the UK each year?

If you’re planning on moving house this year, know that you are far from alone. On average between 10% and 12% of the population move home each year.

How often do people move home?

There’s no set pattern for how long people stay in one home. On average, however, someone in the UK would usually have moved home 3 times before their 50th birthday.

Where do people move to?

The average distance people move from one home to a new one is between 30 and 35 miles. With so many moves being local, it’s always in your best interests to use a removals team trusted locally, as they’ll know the region inside out. On this note, we’ve had the honour, time and again, of being called the number one name for removals Chelmsford by our valued customers.

When do people move?

There are two answers to this question – which day of the week and at what time of the year.

With regards to when during the year most moves happen the peak times are between July and November.

Hopefully this information has been of as much interest as it has been of use to you. If you’re planning a move during this year – or in the future – then we’d very much like to believe that the above will be of great assistance in your planning.

That said; don’t forget you’re always welcome to get in touch with the team here at TFM Removals. We’re here to help and be of service to you.