Putting items into storage can be a big undertaking that may be rather stressful, especially when you’re thinking about what you are going to do with all of your belongings. This is where we come in, as our professional team works to relieve you of some of the difficulties. We do this by not only packing the items up for you, but by placing them within one of our state of the art containers to store them safely for as long as you need.

Storage containers typically possess a special set of circumstances that make them somewhat attractive to rodents. Unlike your office or the house, they can go without being checked for quite some time, during which many infestations may happen. We thought about this extensively ourselves and invested heavily in the most efficient, pest proof storage units available to combat the issue.

All of our storage containers are 20ft high grade steel containers, these are all sealed for the entire storage period, meaning rodents and vermin cannot get inside your storage container. Alongside this our yards and facilities are regularly checked, maintained and kept free of unwanted visitors.

We pack each and every container ourselves, this allows us to ensure items are stored properly and minimise the risk of pests finding their way in. On top of this the container itself is also given an extensive look at before being given the all clear.

At TFM Removals we provide a reliable premium storage service for clients all over Chelmsford. You have our word that the containers we use are vermin proof. In order to prevent anything from getting in once the packing is complete the container shall remain sealed until you request your possessions back from us. This means there is minimal risk of any pests gaining access.

For the most outstanding storage services, we are just the people to call.