TFM has been helping clients with storing their belongings since 1992, establishing us as the longest serving provider of offsite storage Essex has. Initially we set out providing self store services at our facility in Burnham-on-Crouch. Although these are still available we primarily provide our premium storage service. It is available all across the county and brings the container to the client rather than vice-versa.

With so many years behind us you wouldn’t be mistaken thinking that we have a wealth of experience. This is available for you to take advantage of when you need to store items. We can take care of the whole job when you choose the premium service, giving you the assurances that your items are safely packed and stored.

The most important thing we learned is how crucial it is to stack everything carefully in a container. If boxes are simply stacked here, there, and everywhere the stacks could topple or boxes could get crushed; both of which damage the contents. When we fill a container we ensure each box is properly packed and always put the heaviest, most durable ones on the bottom. This helps to keep the stacks stable.

Whilst stacking items we also make additional efforts to protect everything. If packing blankets are needed we will provide and use them to deliver extra cushioning. It is surprising how much protection they can offer and they are re-useable too.

Regardless of how long your items will remain in storage it is a good idea to ensure every box is properly labelled. That way unloading is easier when the date finally comes for you to get your items back. Our team will label clearly and keep similar items together wherever possible to make unloading easier.

When it comes to storage Essex no company provides better value and more professionalism than we do. If you would like to arrange a service, or simply want to find out more as you plan for the future, please get in touch.