There are a number of items that need special care when you are moving to a new home. Mattresses in particular need to be looked after or they can get soiled or torn during the trip. This is something to be avoided because having to get them cleaned or replacing them will cost you.

All mattresses should be wrapped or placed in mattress bags before they are moved. This helps to protect them from dirt, ensuring they won’t get soiled. The cover also provides protection against rips and tears.

Opting for mattress bags is generally the best option because they ensure the entire item is protected. They come in various sizes, including single and double (the latter can usually accommodate king sized mattresses too).

Once a mattress has been placed in a bag it is wise to tape the top shut to make sure it doesn’t come open at any point during handling or removal. This will maintain the level of protection throughout.

To enhance protection even further additional wrapping can be used on the corners. Placing packing blankets around mattresses when they are placed in the removal vehicle is a good idea too. This provides even more cushioning whilst they are being moved.

Care must be taken when handling a mattress. Even single ones can be heavy and bulky, making it challenging to move them. Extra caution is needed to ensure they are handled safely and without risking damaging them, walls, ceilings, or doorways.

A good tip is to stand mattresses between pieces of furniture. This provides two major benefits; it means they won’t fall flat and will cushion furnishings so they are less likely to get damaged.

At TFM Removals we know all about packing and moving mattresses. We provide single and double mattress bags as standard, with every removal and can effectively handle relocating them to your new address. We always take care with them, ensuring we have enough people to carry them safely.

If you would like our help with Chelmsford removals please get in touch. We can tailor a service to suit your needs and will ensure that we deliver the best quality and unbeatable value for money