There are three huge challenges associated with machinery removals. The first is accounting for the weight of the equipment. Machines can weigh from a few kilograms to several tonnes. It is possible to remove some of them with manpower alone whereas others it can only be achieved with the right equipment. In every case it is important to keep safety in mind and ensure that the people involved in the removal are not put at risk.

Added to the weight is the fact that the machinery may be very large and bulky. Machines can be compact or absolutely massive, filling one job or many. As the size increases so too does the difficulty of the removal, resulting in the requirement for additional people and equipment.

The third issue is that the devices can be incredibly valuable. The price tags can easily reach five and six figures; some are even more expensive. With the value in mind damage needs to be avoided at all costs throughout the whole course of the move.

Overcoming these three challenges is a matter of planning each removal with the utmost care and ensuring the right arrangements are made. To complete the project you need to call on the right people and utilise the correct equipment. Fortunately TFM Removals can provide all of the help you need.

We have extensive experience with challenging machinery removals, taking on projects across Essex for a variety of clients from different industries. Our reputation is built on planning services properly and ensuring items are moved and arrive at their new destination in the best condition.

Our team are highly competent and know exactly when to utilise different types of equipment to accomplish tricky moves. We have an excellent safety record and give every consideration to risk management. As a result our team remain safe and the items we move get the protection and the safe handling they deserve.

If you are in need of a machinery removal, whether the item is simply being moved with the same property or being transferred to a new location, you can call on us. We will provide a first rate service complete with insurance coverage.