Tackling dust problems when you choose us for storage

Storage containers can be used for a wide array of purposes, whether you need them for a short space of time or a much longer period. They offer fantastic flexibility and are suitable for storing a variety of things, from household possessions to specialist items.

At TFM we work hard to retain our position as the best provider of storage Essex has. We offer a unique service to ensure everybody in the region can make use of us. With premium storage we bring the container to the client, saving them a great deal of work and maximising convenience in the process. This service is very highly regarded and we add to it by ensuring that all items are packed and stored correctly so they are preserved.

One thing clients regularly worry about is dust whilst their goods are in storage. To avoid it we follow a few very simple steps; our containers are all purchased brand new, meaning they are completely sealed and no dust can get in to them. They are always cleaned after each use and we wrap every item before they get packed into the storage container. These steps make the dust issue people worry about completely non-existent.

The proof of this is obvious, firstly we have countless testimonials for you to read, from customers voicing their surprise and happiness about the furniture looking exactly as it did on the day it was loaded, as it did on the day it was delivered, no dust, dirt, or moisture in sight, even after years of storage. Secondly we are proud to say that we have never had an insurance claim caused by these sorts of issues, that’s almost 30 years of proof!

When you choose us for storage you can have complete confidence that your items will be protected. We keep handling to a minimum, ensuring they are only moved twice in total. On top of this the container itself is moved with the utmost care. As a final benefit we provide insurance on everything.

If you would like to discuss your needs to get a clearer idea of what makes us the number one company for storage Essex has please contact us. We deliver bespoke services every time and can adjust every aspect to suit your needs, including the length of time you want to store your items and the amount of space you need.