There are several reasons why we are the very best provider of safe disposal Essex has. Firstly we have the skills to remove safes from all kinds of properties, even those with accessibility issues. Our team can accomplish this with great care, accounting for the safety of everybody on site and protecting the property itself from damage.

Secondly we are flexible, meaning we can arrange the removal of a safe at a time that suits you. This minimises the disruption. We also factor in disruptions for other people in the area, ensuring we can complete the job at a time when we won’t cause problems for other inhabitants of the property, neighbours, and members of the public.

Another thing that makes us such a well established safe disposal expert is we know the impact disposing of them incorrectly can have on the environment. The materials used in their construction are designed to be very durable. This means they will take a very long time to break down in nature, if they even degrade at all. As a result a formal disposal is better than simply dumping safes in landfill.

Surprisingly there may be a good amount of value to be found in old safes, even those that are no longer in service or too damaged to be restored. The metals used in their construction can generally be recycled rather than thrown away. Some safes are lined with concrete, giving them weight and offering protection against fire. This material can also be reused rather than wasted.

As you can see, arranging proper safe disposal is a very wise choice and we are the company to call on if you need help in Essex. We have a huge amount of experience to call on and can provide a comprehensive solution that means you only need to work with us.

One thing we love about providing safe disposal is the number of times we get to surprise our clients. There have been numerous occasions when they have contacted us for help believing that removal is impossible. We come in, address the situation and plan the perfect way to accomplish the task.

If you have a safe you need to dispose of and want to work with a long serving Essex based company we are the one for you. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange for a member of our team to visit you.