There are a huge number of things to think about when you are relocating to a new country in Europe. Transporting your possessions will be high up this list, particularly large items that will be more difficult to move. It is important you decide what you want to take with you, how you will remove it from your property and transport it, and what you will do with the items you are not taking with you. Luckily at TFM Removals we can take care of all of these things for you.

We do not only offer removals and storage in Chelmsford, but are able to carry out removals across the UK or Europe. Our removals service is perfect for people moving to any European location. We can deliver a container to you, provide experienced removal specialists to help you remove and pack everything, and then transport it all directly to your final destination for you. For the items you aren’t taking, we can offer a full storage or self storage solution so you can leave them securely in the UK until you decide what you are doing with them.

There are two options for European removals, direct or part load. You can have your items sent directly to your new address, or choose the small load service if you are only transporting a smaller volume of goods and have flexible deadlines. The first service will get your items to you as quickly as possible, and you can even choose the date they need to be delivered by if necessary. Small load services take a little longer, but offer great value for money. We have regular shipments to destinations across Europe and drop goods off along the route.

All of our services are designed to be as affordable as possible. With removals, an estimator will visit you to determine the volume of goods you need to transport, the location and the expense. We will advise you which service we feel is best for your needs and help you to arrange it. The price includes everything from removing items and packing materials to transporting and unloading them.

For removals and storage in Chelmsford and beyond, we are the best choice. Whatever country in Europe you are moving to we will strive to offer the best removals service we can to suit your needs.