Once there was a time when, if we were moving home, we’d simply go to local shops in the area and ask them for a few spare cardboard boxes to pack our items in. While this can be a useful way of recycling unwanted boxes, it does not provide optimum protection and organisation for all your important items, and can lead to possessions getting lost or broken. As a leading provider of house removals in Chelmsford and beyond, we are able to supply the perfect boxes to ensure the perfect move.

It’s understandable why many of us opt to simply reuse old boxes, but there are some things you should be aware of before packing your possessions into them. Firstly, as with most kinds of tasks, you are always going to be better off using something which was designed for a specific purpose. While cardboard boxes from shops look like they might do an OK job, ultimately you are going to be better off using boxes and packaging that are assured of keeping your valued possessions safe and sound. Shop boxes are only single walled, meaning they are very weak and prone to collapse, causing damage to the items inside. Specialist removal boxes are much thicker and stronger. Therefore offering the maximum protection to the items inside.

Secondly, if you took some previously used boxes from a store or an office, you would have no real way of knowing what was previously in them, so it can’t be guaranteed that lingering odours or traces of other materials won’t be left behind. We’re confident that you can feel a lot more comfortable knowing that your belongings are being packed into fresh, clean boxes that have no unknown history behind them.

Whether you want us to come in and carry out our expert packing services, or you want to handle it yourself, using our removals boxes will give you peace of mind about the safe moving of all of your belongings. Your items are important, and we’ll always do everything we can to provide them with optimum protection as we move them. Using our packaging means that you make sure they’re moved in complete safety.