Storage solutions for beds, mattresses, and large furnishings

Over the years we have been called on to store a wide array of different furnishings. In order to deliver the kind of service necessary to make us the number one for storage in Chelmsford, we have had to find the perfect solutions for each item. Framed beds can be amongst the most challenging due to their size and inflexibility. Mattresses can often also be problematic. Fortunately, we come across hundreds of different styles of bed and mattress every month, meaning we know exactly how to dismantle and re-assemble this kind of furniture.

The trick with removing and storing anything is to make the item as easy to pack and handle as possible. With large furnishings, this can sometimes be achieved with a little disassembly. It will sometimes be easier to deal with smaller, more manageable pieces than an entire bed or cabinet in one piece.

The second advantage of disassembly is that you can protect the individual parts of the item from damage. They can be packed and wrapped separately, ensuring that no sections are left exposed. When loading, the parts can be kept together so they can be unloaded at the same time and re-assembled.

The problem with mattresses is you can’t take them apart. They have to be moved and stored whole. To avoid them taking up too much space inside the wall of the container, you need to ensure they are placed properly. Standing them up is the best option, and we always protect mattresses using a mattress bag. Mattress bags are made from durable plastic to protect the fabric from dirt, dust whilst in transit to the container. It is important to seal each bag carefully before putting the mattress into storage.

If you are moving to a new home and need to put beds, mattresses and other furnishings in storage for a period of time we have the service for you. We will ensure that all of the items are handled with care and professionally packed to protect them. In addition, our storage containers are clean and kept in a great condition.

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