Redelivery of Your Boxes

When you are ready for your belongings to be returned, just let us know and we will redeliver at a time that suits you.

Redelivery of Your Boxes

Redelivery of Your Boxes

When your belongings and boxes were collected we will have taken a full inventory which you signed for and were given a copy of. When you get your stuff back, it’s important that you check off every item as it comes out of the van, so you know you have received it all and can sign to confirm receipt.

Yes, but we will still have to access your storage, find the box you have requested and return it to you, so the price for delivering one box is the same as delivering all of your boxes. You will then be charged again when you would like your remaining belongings back.

Of course, we can deliver to any address in the world, but the price may alter as a result.

Delivery is paid for per order.

Our claim record is impeccable, but for peace of mind we do offer full insurance within our initial quotation.

This has never happened in over 30 years of TFM. We always ensure there is an inventory of your belongings and boxes conducted, that is checked by you before storage and upon delivery.

A full-time member of our team will deliver your belongings.

No, our security system does not allow access to anyone except members of the TFM team.

Yes, we can deliver your belongings to anywhere in the world.

Our prices are very competitive, so whether you need one box or multiple boxes, let us know your requirements and we’ll provide you with an instant quote.