With businesses in particular, an efficient, competent and speedy removal is important as lost time can impact revenue. This is why we aim to move everything in a very timely fashion for each client. We understand the stresses of moving for companies so we take extra care to ensure items remain intact. Regardless of how big or small your business is and how much needs to be moved, no challenge is too much for us.

As a business, you will want to get moved into your new premises as soon as possible when you decide to change offices. There are a number of processes involved in moves and they may be too much for your company to handle if you’re on a strict deadline. It is at this point where you will want to consider hiring a professional service like ours.

Hiring us comes with a myriad of benefits, with speedy services being among them. Time is effectively managed and we work hard to make certain that your timeframe is satisfied. From start to finish you can expect maximum efficiency from us. We take on every aspect of the service, including packing, so we can save as much time as possible at every single stage.

Working with us shall guarantee the protection of your assets too, as we utilise special protective packing materials that are able to safeguard a multitude of fragile items from damage. Everything is packed and handled with care. We also make doubly sure that all items are accounted for, taking a full checklist so that nothing gets misplaced.

At TFM Removals we have a vast amount of experience of office removal jobs and provide solutions for clients across Chelmsford. We plan our work accordingly in order to avoid any disruptions to the company. When it comes to unloading, our foreman will examine your floor plan so that all your furniture and crates are placed in the correct locations. When you decide to move offices, we are the people to call.