Over the years we have learned many things about removals at TFM, from dos and don’ts of packing and loading to how to deliver the most accurate quotes possible. This knowledge places us at the forefront of the industry and gives us the ability to provide the best services for clients across Chelmsford.

Possibly the biggest challenge with packing is deciding what items to pack together in boxes. The typical move is to put similar things together, for example keeping kitchen items in their own boxes and dining room items in their own boxes. This is fine in most cases but it is important to ensure that each box is not unnecessarily overloaded. It is better to spread items out, ensuring that loads are safe to carry.

Just one common example is kitchenware, loading a china and glass box with just plates and china will make it very heavy, this is obviously best to avoid! Trying to carry them in a single load can create all manner of problems, including risking injury and the box collapsing resulting in the items being broken. We recommend having a layer of wrapped china at the bottom of a box with lighter glasses, Tupperware or cake tins over the top for example.

Our team at TFM Removals have endless ‘gems of knowledge’ and tips like the one above and endless experience packing, if you choose to carry out the packing yourself, we are on the other end of the phone to offer advice, tips and support during the whole process.

With us handling it for you however there are no concerns about people getting hurt or items being damaged. We will even provide insurance cover so your possessions have additional protection. We take care to ensure that every box is packed carefully, utilising wrapping and void filler where necessary. Our approach is focused on safety but we also take care to make housekeeping as easy as possible when items arrive at their new address. We will pack items so they are close together and each box has a full inventory of goods inside, making unpacking stress-free.

If you are planning a move and want help from an established specialist in Chelmsford TFM Removals is the company for you. We deliver great value for money and a service you can have complete confidence in. To find out more, or for tips about packing, please contact us.