At TFM Removals we have the skills to move a vast array of machinery and will see each job accomplished in the safest, most effective manner possible. We understand that these items are very tricky to deal with and how crucial it is to take the utmost care with them due to their value, size and weight. This knowledge and our experience in moving machinery means we can provide the perfect solution.

Clients all across Essex, Kent and East London can call on us to handle their machinery removals, whether they are simply moving equipment to a different part of their site or transporting it to a completely new one. We can deliver items to a variety of destinations, including across the UK and beyond if required. Regardless of the distance we will make certain that every item is protected for the whole trip and arrives in the same condition.

Our machinery removal services have seen us work with a wide array of different items, varying in size, scale, weight, and value. With each project we devise the perfect solution, ensuring the item can be lifted, moved and transported properly. We are regularly asked to move machines and equipment that others would rather not. We are frequently shown large items that crane lorries have unloaded but cannot get into the final position… we will always finish the job!

Before any move can take place though a risk assessment must be done to maximise safety. We can arrange to conduct this for you if required or you can come to us with the information already to hand. Either way the findings of the assessment are used to ensure we deliver the best service, including utilising the right equipment and ensuring a suitable vehicle is provided to handle the relocation.

We are always ready to take on new challenges and will provide the same high quality service we have become renowned for over the last 25 years. Clients can expect great value for money with us every single time. All services are priced based on your specific requirements and each bill is completely transparent so you can see every element.

If you have any questions about machinery removals or would like to arrange a meeting with our Essex based team please contact us.