When providing storage we offer a comprehensive service exactly like we do when taking on removals. By that we mean we will visit your property prior to give an accurate quotation, handle all of the loading, take the container away, and arrange delivery in the future at a time and date you specify. We even carry out all the dismantling, re-assembly and packing (if this is the service you require).

The similarities don’t end there though. We use the exact same high quality packing materials to ensure that every single item is protected for as long as is necessary. We understand how valuable the right products are, whether it is cartons, wrapping, or packing blankets, or more specialist materials for fine art and antiques. They can be the difference between items being in the same condition when they arrive at their new address and damages occurring.

In addition we have the same fantastic resources to call on, from lifting equipment to well maintained vehicles and our highly trained team. The end result is we can maximise quality and deliver a kind of service that you will be completely satisfied with.

Our approach to quoting for storage jobs is the same as with removals too. We send an estimator to visit you to get a much better idea of your needs. That way we can see what you need to store and plan the services accordingly. By doing this we can also provide a highly accurate quote and ensure we get the service right the first time.

We are very proud to be considered as the best provider of storage Chelmsford has. It took a lot of hard work to achieve this and never compromising on quality. By focusing on efficiency whilst maintaining the highest standards we can deliver unbeatable services.

If you are looking for an end to end storage service where professionals will take care of everything we have the solution for you. You don’t need to do any of the packing, lifting, or moving when you choose to work with us; we do it all. All you do is let us know when to arrive and when to deliver your possessions in the future.