When shipping items to a new destination, suitable packaging is one of the most important factors to be considered. Without the right kind of wrapping and cushioning, your valuable possessions may be at risk of getting chipped, dented, scratched or broken during transit, so it is crucial to ensure that everything is protected. When we are carrying out a removal, we will always make sure to package everything as carefully as possible to protect it from the possibility of damage.

Our priority is to make sure your items reach their new home safely, so as well as packaging items for removals we’re carrying out ourselves, we are also happy to carry out our wrapping and packaging services for clients who are using couriers for the removal itself. This is particularly important when it comes to items which are being transported over long distances. We recently provided this service for a customer who was using a courier service to ship two chairs to the USA.

Although couriers are usually a cheaper option than removal companies, they do not provide the May 7 imageexport wrapping that is required in a job like this. As they were travelling such a long distance, it was essential that these chairs had adequate protection in place so that they could arrive at their destination in their original condition. The customer called on us to apply our packaging expertise and make sure the chairs got there in one piece. We used the most suitable materials to cushion the chairs from possible knocks and dents, including bubble blankets, card, polystyrene void filler and finally shrink wrap – making sure they were completely encased, ready to be shipped across the ocean.

We carry out this service regularly for a wide variety of clients, packaging all types of items no matter how large, small or awkwardly-shaped they may be. Our export wrapping service can help to give you complete peace of mind when you’re shipping items overseas, and of course, if you’re using our service to send items around the world, this comes as standard.