Safely disposing of safes

Safes are designed to last for a very long period of time and keep the items stored within them secure and undamaged. This is fantastic when they are needed but if requirements change and they are no longer deemed necessary it presents a problem; what to do with the heavy, sturdy item? At TFM Removals we have the perfect solution with our removal and disposal services.

When you call on us you can expect the safe to be removed safely and effectively, regardless of where it is positioned within the building. Once this is accomplished we will load and transport it away for proper disposal. Clients can rely on us to provide a first rate service and tackle the problem effectively.

We are passionate about offering the best safe disposal solutions in Essex. We chose to provide this service so we could cater for the needs of clients across the county and reduce the risk of items being disposed of incorrectly. We care about the environment and ensure that every single safe we handle and arrange disposal of ends up in the right place rather than finding its way to landfill or being dumped unceremoniously.

TFM Removals has taken on safe disposal projects for close to 25 years and we always offer a service focused on delivering the best value for each stakeholder, including the client and the environment. We are professional at all times and will offer suggestions about disposal options based on the condition of the safe and the requirements of the client.

If you have a safe you no longer need and are looking for a solution we would be happy to work with you to provide it. With us you can expect a tailored service, an accurate quote and insurance coverage as standard for peace of mind. You can contact us for further information and to arrange a meeting with one of our estimators. The estimator will take a look at the safe and the setting, determine the best way to remove it and advise you about disposal.