A key aspect of our removals service is we present clients with a truly “to and through” plan. This might be an idea which strikes you as somewhat obvious, but in our experience you’d be surprised at how many people lose focus of the fact that moving things from point A to point B is only half of the process. You need to make sure that everything at the latter location can accommodate the items that are being moved.

The above is perhaps never truer than when it comes to moving a safe. Quite often we get cases where people assume that relocating one to a new building will be straightforward, so long as the size dimensions can be accommodated. This isn’t quite correct. Certainly you need to be sure that the safe will fit into the new location, but it’s absolutely vital that you make sure you account for the weight.

There are two reasons why we need to know the weight of a safe before we move it. Firstly, we need the information so that we can arrive ready to move it safely and professionally. Secondly, these details are vital to knowing that the safe can be correctly placed at the new premises. You need to know that the new building can support the weight of the safe, in particular should the plan be to place it above ground level.

Any failure in being absolutely sure of the last point above is quite likely to see problems with the entire move. This is why we deliver what we earlier referred to as “to and through” planning for your move. It’s important to us to make sure all can be delivered and placed as intended when you move, as well as ensuring that the transportation side goes perfectly.

We’re proud to be referred to as the number one choice for safe removals Essex has. It’s a status we have achieved by ensuring that we provide a complete and comprehensive service. The question of the weight of a safe highlighted above is just one example of this.

Whatever your removals requirements are, get in touch. We’d be delighted to have one of our specialists speak to you and assist.