Safes are employed in a wide array of properties to protect all manner of items. They are located in various settings, from units left freestanding to those installed in walls, desk drawers, and even floors. The different sizes mean that people can effectively protect all of their valuables.

The diversity in terms of the size, weight, and placement of safes can create a number of issues when it comes time to remove one from a property though. It means that each project is unique and thus must be approached as such. Fortunately, at TFM Removals we have the flexibility and experience to successfully remove safes from properties throughout Essex.

Clients call on us because they know we will get the job done. Other companies claim they can take on projects only to find out when they see the property and the safe that they cannot. We will never let a client down and will find a solution for every requirement.

The reason we can take on all kinds of safe removals across Essex is we have a highly experienced team and access to the right equipment. This combination of knowledge and capital puts us leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. It also means that we can offer a fantastic price for services as we take care of everything ourselves.

The trickiest part of a safe removal is dealing with access issues. They become more and more challenging as the size and weight of the safes increases. Fortunately we can utilise crane lorries or hoists when necessary to help overcome them. Whether the access affects getting the safe out of the building itself or loading it on to a vehicle to take it away we can find a solution.

If you are faced with the task of removing a safe from a property put your faith in our experienced team. You can contact us with your questions and to request additional information about the services we deliver. It is our aim to provide the most effective solutions for our clients and ensure their needs are satisfied.