Accessibility is a big problem when it comes to removing large bulky items like safes and machinery from a property. Generally people don’t think about how they will remove these things once they are safely in the building. They may have even made alterations to the structure thinking they don’t have to leave space. The end result is a need for professional help.

At TFM we have established ourselves as the leading provider of safe removals Essex has by overcoming accessibility problems. Regardless of the size, shape, weight, and location of the safes we are confident we can remove them from a property effectively. We will plan the route carefully, maximising safety and keeping risks to an absolute minimum.

When clients come to us for help with a safe removal they only need to deal with us. We will provide risk assessments and surveys, all of the resources we need, including lifting equipment and labour, and bring a suitable vehicle with us to transport the safe. By doing all of these things we retain quality and also offer value for money.

One thing many clients worry about when it comes to moving large bulky items is the potential damage to the fabric of the building. If they are carried incorrectly and get dropped or unbalanced they could damage walls, floors, and other aspects of the property. We have the skills to prevent this. We will look after the fabric of the structure even when we need to remove windows to get the items out.

For additional protection we provide insurance on all moves. This means there is cover in place if any aspect of the property or items we are moving gets damaged. We don’t ever foresee this happening but it is better to have protection in place just in case.

Tackling even the trickiest projects that other companies can’t take on has helped us to become the number one for safe removals Essex has. If you would like to see us in action on a project for you please get in touch and arrange a meeting with a member of our team.