Garages and sheds regularly prove to be the most challenging parts of a home to pack up during a removal. They are primarily for storage after-all and in more cases than we can count people fail to keep the spaces organised. This results in difficulties when we come to carry out the move.

One of the things that both garages and sheds have in common is people try to make the very best use of the relatively limited amount of space that is available. As a result the outbuildings can be home to all kinds of storage options. This can include high shelves and hooks on walls for items to hang from.

The difficulty comes with handling all of the items in the outbuilding in the safest possible manner and packing them in an equally safe way. Fortunately our team have the experience to do both of those. They also have the advantage that one of our estimators will have visited the property already to get a more in-depth idea of the job. As a result there will be few surprises and the job can proceed efficiently.

Another obstacle with outbuildings is they are occasionally used to store items that could prove to be hazardous. Each of these, regardless of the size, needs to be handled and packed appropriately. Our team will do just that and ensure everything is loaded and transported with due care and attention.

If the outbuilding has been used to store larger items like old furnishings and bicycles we can handle removing them too. We even remove shelving, workbenches and other materials that you want to take with you. If we need to disassemble an item we do it carefully and label each part so that assembly is quick and easy.

TFM Removals is a leading company in our field serving clients throughout Chelmsford. If you would like a comprehensive service that includes packing and removal of all items in outbuildings and the main property we are here for you. Simply contact us to arrange a meeting with an estimator and a clear bill that includes all of our costs.