Safe disposal is a challenging job but it is one we truly excel at. Each project will be faced with issues to overcome, from actually removing the appliance from the property to determining the best way to dispose of it. The latter will depend on several factors including the requirements of the client and the materials used in the construction of the product. Fortunately we have the skills and experience to provide a first rate service across Essex.

In order to determine the best method of disposal it is vital to confirm the type of safe we are dealing with. Safes can be made of an array of metals including steel and iron. On top of this they may be lined with an array of different materials to provide protection against moisture and fire. It is crucial to learn these things before arranging the disposal.

Fire safes can be the trickiest to dispose of because of the materials they are lined with to protect contents. Older products may feature asbestos due to the thermal properties it offers and the wide use before its total ban in 1999. The hazards related to the material means that safes containing it need to be very carefully disposed of.

When it comes to disposing of a safe it is important to consider the impact on the environment. At TFM Removals we want to see all safes disposed of properly, ensuring the process is both safe and as green as possible. We take care to arrange a suitable disposal, never settling for simply transporting the unit to landfill or dumping it as this can cause big harm to the environment.

If you’re looking for a company in Essex with the skills to accomplish a complete removal and arrange suitable safe disposal you can call on us. We plan each project in detail, addressing all risks and planning the best way to tackle any obstacles we face. This attention means we can deliver a first rate solution. It also allows us to offer competitive, transparent fees for our services.