We’re halfway through 2016 and it would be fair to say that it’s been a year where all of us, in one way or another, have experienced some considerable changes. One of the biggest you can make is to decide to move to a new home. This becomes an even bigger change if you make the decision to relocate to a new country.

The incredible lure of life in Ireland has proved to be impossible to deny or turn down for an increasing number of people so far this year. There has been a rise in relocations, seeing more and more people making the move. There are plenty of things to attract people to Ireland, making it a very popular destination.

If asked we’d say that our team are not what you would normally consider TV material. This is, however, exactly what we recently became – and it’s all down to our outstanding record of success in delivering removals to Ireland.

One of the leading Irish TV broadcasters decided to make a documentary highlighting the number of people making the trip. We were immensely surprised and excited when they asked us to participate. With the kind consent of one of our clients we happily agreed to take part. Our sincere hope is that the documentary provided people considering the move with some valuable insights into what’s involved, as well as showcasing the professional way we carry out removals for you.

People all across Essex have long since known us as the name to trust for comprehensive removals services. We built this reputation by always striving to offer the highest quality services and great value for money, regardless of the distance you are moving. Whether you’re looking to make the move to Ireland, to another part of the UK or anywhere in the world, we’d be delighted to make sure all of your possessions get there safe and sound.