There comes a time when most offices need to be moved. The business either grows to the point where it needs to expand, or you may simply wish to move to more comfortable or conveniently located surroundings. There are many items that need to be accounted for when it comes to an office move, from the desks and furniture to the computer systems and any specialist equipment that you use. With so many different things to consider, you need a moving company that you can place your complete trust in. We offer fully professional office removals in Chelmsford and throughout the UK, and can make sure your move goes smoothly. Whatever you need transporting from your office to a new premises, you can be completely assured that we will complete the job safely without any damage to your possessions.

Every office, whether small or large, presents its own set of challenges when removal is required. Of course, every business needs a move to be as quick and as stress-free as possible. The last thing that a business needs is to have its operations disrupted by a lengthy removal process. We can promise minimal disruption and downtime alongside a moving service that is swift and efficient.

Pricing is completely transparent and straightforward when you choose our removal service. Our estimators will get an understanding of your business and what the removal will involve. When it comes to transporting and placing items, the foreman in charge of the removal will study your floor plan to ensure that your furniture is placed exactly where you want it. We’ll also have the crates stacked in an area that allows for easy unloading. We’ll use different colour labels to differentiate between furniture and crates, and will ensure that a fully usable floor plan is drawn up.

When you utilise our office removals in Chelmsford and beyond, you can be completely assured that all removals will be completed with minimal disruption to your staff or business. When we provide you with an estimate, it will include the supply of crates for the contents of your office, as well as the labels used for your furniture and crates. We will ensure that you receive a good service for as long as you use our company and will see to it that your office’s contents are moved safely, whether you are performing an internal move or are relocating to an entirely different location.