Relocating overseas can come with a wide array of pitfalls, from delays during the removal of items to the risk of them getting damaged during transportation. Each of these can result in higher costs on your behalf unless you choose the right company to help. TFM Removals is just that.

A combination of factors has helped us to become a leading removal provider. Firstly we have a talented, highly competent team with a wealth of experience to call on. Alongside this we take care to plan each move carefully, ensuring all risks and requirements are catered for. Thirdly we focus on offering transparent, highly competitive prices regardless of the uniqueness of the job.

Our knowledge and commitment to planning means we can anticipate the majority of pitfalls in advance, adjusting our service to ensure they don’t become a problem. We have vast experience of completing removals for people making the move to Ireland from Essex. This has given us an insight into the specific challenges moves overseas can present and means we can plan for them too.

With our help there shouldn’t be any aspect of the move that comes as a surprise. We will take care of everything for you in-house, tackling the packing to ensure all items are protected, load them, and handle the transportation. We even complete the paperwork associated with the move and ensure all of the right arrangements are made.

As an accountable removals provider and member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) clients can expect the best level of service from us every time. We consistently deliver the highest standards.

At TFM we vow that all of our prices are realistic and reflect your needs. We work hard to provide the most accurate estimates, ensuring our own estimators take a look at your property and possessions rather than quoting blindly. This means you get a great price and don’t run the risk of surprise bills. This is important, particularly with big overseas moves where you could see a seemingly affordable quote rise substantially with other companies.

If you are planning a move overseas, particularly to Ireland from Essex, and need to arrange removals you can call on us for a wonderful service.