Reducing the stress of unpacking

It may seem that getting all your possessions from your old home to your new one is the hardest part of moving, but for many of us, the most difficult part comes afterwards. Once you have arrived at your new destination, you might find yourself faced with piles of boxes to unpack and dismantled furniture to put back together. You want to start enjoying your new home as soon as possible, not find yourself held back with mountains of disorganised items to deal with. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare yourself for an easier and more pleasant unpacking process.

The key to successful unpacking is well-organised, careful initial packing, using the most suitable packing materials for that particular item. Fortunately our removals quotations include the supply of all packing materials you’ll need, including, various sized boxes, with plenty of space to write what’s in each box and where it needs to go in the new house, wrapping paper to avoid any damage to fragile items and hanging garment rails, meaning your hanging clothes can be unloaded straight into your wardrobes.

When you are working with our removals team, the whole process becomes simpler from the beginning to the end, from packing everything up to finally unpacking it. We’ll ensure everything is clearly labelled and place everything in the removals van in logical order so you can find the most important items straight away, then unpack everything else at your own pace with no rush to find your all-important daily essentials.

We can have as much or as little involvement as you need. Our aim is always to make sure your removal is as simple and pleasant as possible, which is why we offer the option of having our team rebuild your furniture once we have arrived at your new home. We’ll also ensure maximum organisation during the initial packing process, which will make it much easier for you when the time comes to unpack all your smaller items.

If you’re planning a move, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to let you know more about our efficient Chelmsford removals service. With our commitment to organisation, we make the whole moving experience easier, including the unpacking.